Monday, January 27, 2014

Katyushas are hard!

As in hard to glue together.  In game terms assembling Katyushas are the Flames of War equivalent of a cross between Rubik's Cube and a 3D version of Twister.  Which brings me to the stark realization cool would 3D Twister be!  I stared at the pieces for a while trying to imagine how they would go together, trying to align the pieces like my two year old son did trying to put Legos together.   I felt like a caveman.

Aha, I thought, I'll try the internet and I had a eureka moment when I found the Katyusha assembly instructions on the Battlefront site only to find the instructions are for the older version of the models.  I was relieved to find my newer models from the box set looked easier than the older version.  That's until I started to glue them together. My first attempt had the rocket launchers so crooked, when the rockets launched they would take out the Katy next to it.  Gluing sixty sets of Necron arms was easier than this!  I finally got them done over a few nights but what a hassle.

I've been concentrating on finishing up my Soviets.  I'll need to base all my Soviet infantry, too.  My goal is to have the Soviets completed by the end of February. Probably unrealistic, but hey, I'm shooting for it.  Once done, I can then move on to Germans; a great motivator since Germans tanks are so cool.  As I stated in a previous post, I'd like to assemble and paint up tanks for my Hermann Goring force in time for the Italy compilation.

Here's what I have on my workbench:

Katyushas, BA-64s and some Ford GPA jeeps.

More T34s and T34/85s to enable me to run two Tankovy companies.  A third DShK AA, too.

And then lastly, a reserve artillery batalion I'm in the process of magnetizing so I can use both guns:

I'm planning on doing at least one post a month with a focus on my progress this year.  So that's it for my January update.


  1. That is a lot of Soviets to paint! I don't envy you. Those katyushas look difficult to assemble. Hopefully they are durable when they are finished. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the painted Soviets.

  2. I like Battlefront figures, but I HATE how they can be very complicated and sometimes have no assembly instructions. It drives me nuts. The other thing I'm not fond of is how they mold the bases on vehicles for the crew figures. I'd much rather have them as a separate base set next to the vehicle. In spite of that, the quality and variety of the figures keep sending me back to the well for more though, as my backlog attests to...

    Good luck with your Ruskies! I look forward to seeing how they turn out.

    Nick blogs at Spotting Round.