Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eighth Army Recce Complete - First Decals

I was able to finish the Eighth Army recce and the 25pdr support vehicles this week:

I finally got around to adding some decals for the first time, having some approach avoidance in the past but thinking I could use the decals to help differentiate platoons in order to avoid confusion during the fog of battle.  I was hoping to avoid using a high gloss coat for the decals and after some research, I found some videos on YouTube for using Microscale  Industries, Inc.  Micro Set and Micro Sol.  I didn't have to give the model a gloss coat and considering this was my first time, I was very happy with the results.  The two step process seemed quick and easy.

A good tip is to label the Micro Set and Micro Sol lids to remember the order of use.  After accidentally switching the lids, a better tip is to label the bottle as well:

I'm a somewhat quick and dirty painter, settling on table top, playing quality due to limited time and, well, I'm not that great of a painter.  I mostly use dry brushing techniques:

Using a tip Dirty Jon posted on the WWPD forum, I starting adding radio antennas using brush bristles. Finding the right brush was harder than I anticipated since the  bristles tended to be bigger than I liked, bent in a wavy pattern, or some color other than black.  I'm pretty sure I would like to go with a thinner antenna but I seem to be having trouble finding something.  I'll keep looking.

Overall, I'm very happy with the results.  I'm especially motivated since I found out the next WWPD campaign will be in North Africa.  I was unable to participate in Operation Sea Lion since I didn't have any European troops completed.

Next, I'll finish basing the additional four 25pdrs to give me a full battery of eight.  Then I'll start working on the Heavy Armoured Squadron of Grants I had glued before realizing I have to adjust the tracks slightly.    After that, the much anticipated Bersaglieri followed by an Eighth Army Light Armoured Squadron of Crusaders.  Can't wait!