Monday, February 27, 2012

Man on Fire!

I've been on it like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm.  I completed the first phase of basing the 8th Army using a 50/50 mix of the Coarse and Fine Pumice Gel from Michael's:

I mix German Camo Medium Brown (826) into the pumice gel jar to remove a step.  I got this idea from the Tom Wise 101st Airborne painting PDF.  I then highlight with Desert Yellow (977), Yellow Ochre (913), and then Iraqi Sand (819).  The base is painted with Tan-Earth (874) which I find, as I have said before in  a previous post, a good match for the Battlefront desert terrain.

Here's my first article:

I'll add a conservative amount of Silfor tufts and some static grass on some of the bases, eventually.  I found I over did it on the DAK bases, particularly with the rocks I added to match the Battlefront Desert terrain.  Sometimes less is more as the saying goes.

I also found time to assemble the infantry in the 8y Gvardeyskiy Strelkovy Korpus box set, plus an extra blister of Flame Throwers to add to my existing soviet figures:

Now that's done I can focus on getting ready for the fully painted North Africa game which, if all goes well, will be in a couple of weeks.

I was also able to find time to read the new V3 rule book but that will obviously be an ongoing project as I learn to play the game.  The assault phase is the most intimidating for me.  I was very excited to find an assault phase flow chart has been created by members of the WWPD forum.   Great job!

Next, paint the North Africa British tanks.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Too much to do but I'm going to find time to do it...

I'm having trouble keeping up with my hobby, or at least getting done what I would like to do.  Between selling old hobby stuff (40K) to support FOW, gluing the new items, basing the already painted infantry, reading the new V3 rules, forum distractions, and dreaming about and researching armies I don't have, I'm falling behind schedule.  I did find time to glue a bunch of Soviets since they are my latest distraction, but I really need to get the basing of the 8th Army finished.

I also found time to create a banner for my blog.  I cropped a picture I took until it seemed the right size and made it black and white.  I then added a logo with a font that somehow reminds me of a WWII movie font, but I don't know why.  I believe the original picture is posted previously in this blog.  I'm quite satisfied with it for now.  I had been wondering how to do it and one night during the week just did it.  Feel free, and I mean free,  to use any the pictures I took if you want .  Maybe something will catch your eye.  Just send me a link if you do.  Would be pretty cool.

I recently attended a lecture about WWII German Fighters at the Chino Planes of Fame Museum where I got to meet a a member of the WWPD site.  Very cool.  A FW 190 was featured and here are few pictures and videos I took there...