Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Long Range Desert Group Re-enactment

My grandson, a couple of friends and I headed out to the Planes of Fame Airshow last weekend.  We had a great time.  While walking around I was somewhat surprised to find some WWII reeanctors along with their equipment.  I was really excited to see a Long Range Desert Group represented, belonging to the Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society.  They were a cool bunch of guys, and very willing to answer questions about a subject they are obviously passionate about.  North Africa is my favorite WWII theater and I get to go out in the desert in my own Jeep, so I had a special interest in their display.  Packing enough to camp for four people for a couple of days in a Jeep is a challenge, so I can appreciate what the LRDG were able to do on long range missions.

    Wouldn't be complete without a brew up area:

And on desert themed Flames of War note, a great article was posted on the FOW site about pimping out your Battlefield in a Box desert terrain tonight.  Mike always does a good job on those articles.  Burning Empires is calling me but it's going to have to wait.