Monday, March 31, 2014

Painting Table Update - More Soviets

Desperate Measures soviet scope creep has found me somewhat behind schedule as I continue to add to my soviets.  The Italy compilation showed up on my doorstep last week and I'm psychologically ready for some focus on Italy, especially my HG and British armor:  Panzer III Ms and Churchills.

I know painting takes me some time but I always seem to underestimate how long assembly will take.  I'm tempted to move away from Soviets but the idea of not having a completed LW force to play is really bugging me.  Plenty of partials, though, as I chase releases.  I'm a tortoise chasing a hare right now but I am making progress.  Since I do have substantially more soviets painted than anything else, I think I'll stick with them for a while.  I'm continuing to reach my goal of twenty plus T-34s.  More than twenty to make up for the ones with broken sides.

I've been slowly purchasing ruined buildings for a Stalingrad themed table. I was hoping to find the Stalingrad fountain when I stumbled across this WWPD thread.  I purchased the Stalingrad fountain, and after some very good communication regarding its progress, it arrived today.  Very cool, I like it.  I love pre-painted items.

The end of March has the following ready to to start painting:

I'm really looking forward to getting the captured half-tracks painted for my Spetsnaz platoon.

So for now it's more soviets, but Italy is calling.


  1. I always find assembly slows me down more than I expect. It is the bane of my painting progress. Assembly and the last 10% of a model are the slowest parts for me.

    1. That's why I tend to shy away from the plastic kits; assembly takes too long. Plus, I tend to be a bit too ambitious. Always impressed with how prolific you are with top quality results. The last 10% tends to be where I think I'll take it to the next level but it never quite gets there, causing rework. I keep at it.

  2. I feel your pain with assembly, it's probably my least favourite part of the whole painting process. Your end results certainly justify the effort though. The fountain is very cool too, such an icon of Stalingrad. Cheers, Paul.