Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Army Display Tray Review

I was in the process of investigating what to do regarding an army display tray for tournaments when I stumbled upon the perfect solution for me: USChris on the WWPD site had posted pictures of his scratch built army display tray / organizer--it had me at hello.  And, as it turned out, he was selling some!  A short time later it was at my door. Fortunately for me it arrived on July 3rd, giving me a four day weekend to work on it.

Here it is with the core of my Hermann Goring division force displayed:

I picked up some black handles and a can of Rustoleum Satin in Fossil (tan color with a hint of green) from my local Home Depot and I already had the flock I needed, buying extra when I purchased my game mats from The Terrain Guy site.  One thing I really like about this tray is it's reversible!  Desert on one side and Europe on the other.  Perfect.  There is a dice tray drawer that pulls out all the way that can be flipped, and can be used for storage.  There is also one slot that will fit a full sized rule book and templates, and one for army lists.  I am very happy with the tray.  It's what I would have liked to have made if I had the carpentry skill; I don't.  Overall, 10 out of 10.  Thank you USChris!


  1. Very cool. Perfect for those tournie days. I may have a crack at making something similar...

  2. That's a great idea, really useful for keeping everything organised at tournaments. Scott, you can make me one too!

    1. LOL, OK... off to the MDF merchant... ;-)

  3. Able Kompanie (USChris's home club) has dubbed this product the "Fretts Box" after it's inventor.

  4. Very nice looking display base. I must have had this in the back of my mind when laying mine out today. I have a similar road running off center down my display area.