Sunday, January 22, 2012

North Africa, DAK Poser Shots

Well, as usual, nothing goes as planned.  With the revelation that FOW V3 will be released in February, I thought it best to delay our first game in order to use the one rule set to avoid confusion.  As it turns out, that works out well since I haven't finished basing the British yet, anyway.  The good news is I have finished basing all the painted DAK figures with only the new Pioneers to be finished.  Also, I need to add transfers to the tanks which seems a bit intimidating since I have nearly no experience with it.  

I had a few hours spare this morning so I set up the table and a few pieces of terrain, and took some poser shots after I stared all googly eyed at it for a while...

I am very happy with the current Battlefront desert terrain, and I am looking forward to getting the newly released desert buildings I ordered.  I am especially happy with the theterrainguy mat I bought a while back. Originally I had thought the color was a bit too monotone for my liking and I was going to dry brush it this weekend, but after laying it out and putting some terrain on it, it looks great; matches the new terrain quite well.  As you can see in the immediate picture above, I finally settled on Tan-Earth (Vallejo 70874) as the base color.  This color works well with both the mat and the terrain.  Again, very happy with how it is all coming together.

I bought the 8'x4' theterrainguy mat since my table is that size, and then I have the option of using an 8'x4' table for larger battles.  This worked well with Warhammer 40K.   Most of the time a 6'x4' table is used and the extra two feet is used for staging the armies, supplies and casualties.

Next, the British and the much anticipated new rule books.


  1. Thanks. A great honor coming from a legendary FOW blogger such as yourself, indie.