Sunday, July 27, 2014

Soviet Attack In Force

I went through a very prolific phase for a while and was able to complete a large portion of my Soviet armored vehicles.  The progress was fueled by my need to get them done since I'm looking forward to moving on to Germans.  Also, I'm trying to take a more organised approach to my painting queue due to my constant switching of priorities based on my current fad interests, an ongoing battle.  I added a painting queue tab on my blog to monitor my progress and plan ahead.

Due to the heat and other commitments, I'm pretty sure my progress will be slow over the next couple of months, but as long as I keep plugging away, getting at least something each evening, I'll eventually have another breakthrough phase of accomplishment.  I'll tortoise it for a while.

BA-64s roll through the town to scout ahead:

Special forces disembarked and proceeded on foot for a special mission:

The ground shakes as the heavy armor moves towards the front:

ZSU M17 MGMC AA provide cover for the heavy armor moving forward:

Infantry support starts to assemble:

Reports of heavy German armor from the scouts sends in the tank destroyers:

Katayusha rocket battery prepares to support the attack:

Next is 5 T34/85s and 9 T34s to flesh out my existing forces.  Basing my soviet infantry is also going to take some time, too.  Got to keep plugging away!

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  1. Nice work, you've been very busy! Those AA half-tracks are cool looking models. I need to find some motivation (and some time!) myself to finish off my Soviet infantry horde....