Sunday, January 6, 2013

DAK Pioniers

I finished basing my DAK Pioniers over the last month, with enough bases to run a Pionierkompanie if needed:  16 Pioneer Rifle/MG teams. 6 Flame-thrower teams and Command options.  There are few extra Rifle/Mg teams due to the new DAK Pionier blister being released with new figures during the build.  But looking to the future, I'll have enough Pionier Rifle teams to run a Lietche Pionier platoon from Hellfire and Back!, grabbing a rifle team from a Schutzen platoon if I'm not running Flame-throwers.  EW North Africa is probably in the far future, though.

Rifle/MG Teams


Sometimes the Holidays are relaxing and other times they are very busy.  This year was the busy kind.  My wife and I worked hard to install new flooring in our bedrooms and my brother, his girlfriend and my niece visited from England over New Years for a holiday.  Since my niece recently turned 21, we headed out to Vegas with my mom and son for New Years family reunion.  We had a blast.  Doing the countdown on the strip and watching the firework display will be a fond memory.  A hectic two weeks topped off with a killer cold just in time to go back to work.  End time for hobbies.

Heading into the new year my goal is to complete North Africa and finally move on to the Eastern Front and Italy full force.

What I have left for North Africa:

A bunch of  Panzer IIIs, mostly J Lates and a few Panzer IVs to run a Panzerkompanie.
Lots of Grants and Lees - Assembled and ready to be primed.
Crusaders - On the back burner for now and I may choose to wait on these.
Italians - A Battaglione Bersaglieri and a Compagnia Carri.   The infantry are painted but I need to base them.  Everything else needs to be glued and painted.

Looks like a year of North Africa tank battles!


  1. Looks great! Great way to usher in the new year :) Well done on finishing those up.

  2. Thanks Mike. Spent most of most of my day today reading the new Operation Market Garden books. Great job, my man!